Control your
Call Of Duty 4 & 5 server
from your PC
- it's free!!

Kick, ban, chat, control your maps, change server settings and much more.

Call Of Duty 4/5 RCon: everything you need to control your server!

Multiple serversStored in one place

Add an unlimited numbers of servers into our program, so you easialy can chose which server to administer.

List players A better overview

See who is playing on your server. Sort by different options like teams, names and when they joined.

Kick players In a split second.

Select the player and kick him - fast and simple.

Ban players By a touch on your screen

It's easy to ban players. Just select the player and chose Ban - and he's out.

Chat Send message to your server

Type in message and pres send - or select a message for a list of messages you define yourself.

RCon Send a command to the server

Need to send a specific command to your server? Just enter it or chose for your own list.

Game settings Configure your server

Tweak your server.

More? Request a feature

We want to make our program better. Help us and mail us your feature requests.